Meet the Team at Kirsch Insurance Group

Marlin Kirsch
Marlin KirschCEO
Marlin founded Kirsch Insurance Group in 1991, and plans to be here, God willing, for years to come. He is dedicated to the business, clients, and the mission to help clients figure out the complexity of the Medicare process. He uses the same plans we sell– F plan supplement, Part D, and the USA+ Dental/vision plan.
Kayla Grammier
Kayla GrammierSales and Administration Assistant
Kayla recently joined our Kirsch Team, and has proven to be an excellent addition. She is smart, detail oriented, and eager to learn the Medicare business. She is wonderful in the customer service area, and will be happy to assist with enrollment or billing questions. She will be getting married in 2016- Congrats Kayla!

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Why Choose Us?

  • We counsel clients to make the right Medicare choices.
  • We educate clients about Medicare benefits
  • We help clients sign up for Original Medicare Parts A & B
  • We recommend plans that meet both your health and financial needs
  • We help clients find doctors who not only take Medicare but who are also accepting new Medicare patients

Client Testimonials

“I was leaning toward an Advantage plan, however Marlin suggested the Medicare F plan which covers 100% of Medicare approved expenses and I could see the provider of my choice. Not long thereafter, I had a serious heart attack requiring major surgery and physical therapy. The entire ordeal didn’t cost me a dime thanks to Marlin’s recommendation. Life is now great!”
R. Miller
“I’ve looked at dozens of dental plans. I’ve had this plan for two years and it is the best ever! I can see the provider of my choice, and my dentist likes it because he doesn’t have to discount fees.”
E. Oster
“Marlin really cares about his clients. He doesn’t just sell a plan for the sake of a commission. He’s careful about recommending plans and companies that provide the best service and coverage for the least amount of money. Most importantly, Marlin keeps tabs on premium increases and will recommend a change in my insurance carrier if rates get out of control.”
D. Miller
“Most people don’t have a clue about Part D or prescription drug plans, including brokers! Marlin is certified to sell Part D and he provides the pros and cons of the plans during open enrollment. He made sure I wouldn’t fall into the ‘donut hole’ and suggested I use a Canadian pharmacy where my prescriptions are much less expensive. He’s reduced my drug expenses by half!”
M. Kirrane